Can you spray your car engine with water?

car engine

I have a 2001 chevy caviler that i just washed. i want to know if i can spray off the engine with a hose to get the dirt off it.. and if so how?

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  1. dizbuster Says:

    Yes, and with a hose.

  2. Krishna P Says:

    yes why not. you can wash with water.

  3. The All-knowing Says:

    yes but make sure the engine is running

  4. Becky Jo Says:

    Why wouldn’t you be able to? A little water never hurt anything. If anything, the dirt buildup is more harmful.

  5. stevieann Says:

    yes, use the hose and you can use degreaser to get any oil off. It doesn’t hurt anything.

  6. some guy Says:

    Make sure its running and do it quickly.

  7. iggwad Says:

    Try to keep the water away from the spark plug wires and places they connect to if you have a pressure sprayer. It could keep your car from starting right away.

  8. GrapeApe33 Says:

    Point hose at engine. Spray off with water. Use your hands to do this. Have a Great Day…

  9. Veteran Garfield Says:

    Yes, but do it very carefully! Cover the air intake well with foil. try to cover the spark plug area and distributor area if you can. Start the car immediately to dry off any thing that may have gotten wet that did not like it.

  10. Ibredd Says:

    You can but it is not a good idea if you don’t know how, for one engine should not be hot, don’t spray into alternator, be ready to dry out ignition if water get into it, or the car will not run

  11. Mickey L Says:

    I’d reccomend spraying the engine down with engine degreaser before you hose it off, helps get it cleaner. when you are hosing it down, try to avoid getting water into your air cleaner. also, you might want to avoild hitting electrical connections with high pressure. but you shouldn’t have any problems at all with a garden water hose.

  12. Niinnaa Says:

    Go to the car wash and select engine wash feature. They have special soaps for the oil and sludge build up. But yep I think its possible to wash your engine but I don’t think its a good idea to douse your engine with water where as some cars have fuses and if the cap is not secure could cause a blown fuse or even rusting.

  13. Angel Cantu Says:

    yes you can spray your car with water, but make sure you dont spray the alternator, i just hope you know what that is. also make sure that your vehicle is on and dont spray the fan because the water will just splash right back in your face. theres a engine degreaser you could spray on your engine to clean it before you spray, that way you dont spray too much water and u have less chance of spraying your alternater. or just wipe down everything by hand.

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