How do you remove the car tire if wheel lock is lost ?

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My daughter lost the ‘key’ to the “wheel lock” on her rims. How do I remove the wheel to change the tire ? Is there some gadgets I can buy ?

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  1. school_football_band Says:

    this is happend to me before… unless u want to go to the dealer and pay a good amount of money for the key then find a socket and will almost fit onto it and pound it on and get a socket wrench and a pipe to break it loose.. hope this helps

  2. shocked Says:

    Tap a socket over it and then use a socket wrench and breaker bar.

  3. al legend Says:

    You may be able to just go to the place where she purchased the rims.
    I had Mcgard wheel locks at one time and they had me take a piece of paper and put it over the surface of the lock and with a pencil rub the lead back and forth over the lock surface. I sent them the paper and they sent me a new key – and bill for the new key!!!

  4. triple.a Says:

    You can usually head back to the dealer. They usually have a master set of keys to the locks.

  5. dn24210r Says:

    get with the company that you bought the wheel locks from

    might waant to try a locksmith but well..

    otherwise you will mostlikley ruine the rim trying to get it off


  6. scotty10 Says:

    It depends what kind of wheel lock it is. If looks like you need to put a square shaped object in it this wheel lock can be faked by using a 3/4in extension (no socket on it). If it is a socket style find the size that fits most snug on it then hammer the next size down socket onto it and do it that way.

  7. Country Boy Says:

    If you have a car dealer nearby who sells your daughters brand car, they have a “dealer only” master wheel key set. That’s the good news. The bad news is you will need to have your car towed there as they trust no one with their master locking key set. They will remove your tire and replace the locking lug with a non-locking one until the company who made her original mails you a new one.

    What has to happen is the following: Upon your proof of ownership of the vehicle your dealer sends a computerized code # directly off your VIN #. The manufacturer springs this code to the company who made the original wheel lock. You give the lock company a credit card # and you will have a new wheel lock within a week.

  8. "LAP" Dog! Says:

    All good ideas, here are 2 more.
    A chisel and hammer drive the chisel to the left until you can turn the lock by hand.

    Sears sells a set of easy outs that will work on some locks.
    However, as was said most dealers have sets of keys that they use all the time.

  9. Ray F Says:

    I’ve done it two ways… tap a socket that fits real tight on there, the tighter the better and remove it with a wrench… or as someone else said, sears sells lug nut removal sockets for this problem…

  10. Fred J Says:

    call your local parts store, preferably a napa store because I know they have them. I buy mine form Mac tools but have had to use napa for it before. They make a “wheel lock removal kit” You can get a small set or a large set. Its basically like an inverted easy out. Its a couple sockets that have reverse swirls inside instead of being a socket. You stick it on the offending lock nut and give a couple taps with the hammer. then use your ratchet and start taking it off! the reverse swirl design bites into the lug as you are taking it off to grab it.
    Best invention since ***! We junk 10 cars a week that have locking wheels and this tool has saved us so much time its not funny!

  11. Becky West Says:

    Thanks for the help. The dealership has a master key and can replace the locking lugs with the standard issue for a total of $24 and is available two days after ordering it. To replace the key (I have the code) it will cost $46 and is available one week after ordering it. We do not live in a high crime area so I am going the cheaper/faster route.

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