How long should it take your car engine to cool down after driving?

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I was only driving for about 15 mins but my engine is still very warm 2 hours later…is this normal? How long does it usually take the engine to cool down and is it ok to hear wierd popping noises right after you turn the car off?

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  1. Mike Says:

    Do you want it to be cool enough to put your face on it? For that it will take a will. But to “cool down” I usually wait an hour.
    I don’t know about popping, but it will sometimes make a clicking noise.

  2. nakaibj Says:

    The cooling process largely depends on the out side temperature where the car is parked and also on the seasons,like in January it will cool down very rapidly and in July it will take a very long time to become normal,the popping noise is very usual because some parts in the engine compartment contract upon cooling thus emitting such popping noise,nothing alarming.

  3. Dalton125 Says:

    That question really depends on a lot of factors and how hot it is out side. Chance are everything is normal and yes it does take certain parts of the car many hours to cool down after even 5 min of running. The popping sound from under the car when you turn it off is the metal heat sheilds on the exhaust system cooling down. They get very hot when the car is running and sometimes pop when the change temperatures much like a cookie sheet does when you put it in the oven. Metal changes sizes when it is either heated up or then cooling down. Don’t worry sounds like yours is normal.

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