When putting a new engine in your car, does the mileage goes back to zero?

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I assumed when I bought a new engine the mileage would go back to zero, but I was told differently.

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  1. killzone19 Says:

    It dosent. The odometer dosent change even if the engine is changed.

  2. Zation Says:

    No. Mileage will not change unless u roll back the odometer (which is illegal)

  3. colglennlarson Says:

    Nope, the car still has X amount of miles on it. It just has a new engine. Transmission, rear end, brakes, etc. are still the same mieage.

  4. Grapevine Says:

    no it does not reset

  5. wildmanny2 Says:

    If a 65 year old person got a new heart from a 20 year old would he now be 20? Or would he be 65 with a new heart?

  6. chuck t Says:

    no it doesn’t. the reason being that the mileage of a vehicle has to consider the miles on the transmission , steering parts such as ball joints and bushings. the miles on the bearings in the rotors and miles on the rear end if its rear drive. If you ever sell it the fact it has a new motor may be a plus but the total miles of the overall vehicle has to be known.

  7. appledude Says:

    No, it is a violation of Federal law to roll back an odometer. The odometer shows the mileage that the car has driven- not the mileage the engine has driven. There are many other parts on a car subject to wear. Just because you put a new engine in doesn’t mean that the car never drove all those miles.

  8. andthereyouare Says:

    No, cause the odometer is in your dash board. It’s is either electronic or has a hardwire to it. You can get a new dash board which I have seen for Honda Civics from Japan. Is that legal when selling the car… Dunno.

    Good Luck.

  9. steve_8111 Says:

    The odometer doesnt change even if engine is changed stays the same. But if you want it to show a lower milage, you would have to role it back highly illegal. Or depending on the type of car you have you can change the whole dash which is highly illigal.

  10. mister ss Says:

    no your mileage on the dash stays the same, you will have to write down the mileage the car has on it now so you know when the new motor was installed and down the road if you want to sell the car you will know how many miles are on the new engine.

  11. spamme4444 Says:

    Nope, that is the Total Vehicle Mileage. The only time that will go back to Zero is taking the car to a car shredder and is not longer a car. Now is recyclable steel to make a new car.

    If is an Aircraft is based on Airframe hours. Does not matter how many new parts are on.

    However if you keep record and make a notation when the engine got installed at what mileage you can say that the engine has X amount of miles, from 0 to whatever difference is. But no, the odometer is chassis mileage and can not be legally change.

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