Why does my car engine sound loud, like it’s revvinv up when driving?

car engine

Whenever I drive, the car engine sounds abnormally loud. It sounds loud whenever I accellete and at rest it sounds loud too. The car drives fine (I think, I can’t really tell if there’s a huge difference), I am just worried that it may be a transmission problem, or an expensive muffler problem. When my car is in park, the engine DOES make a funny noise, but it’s been there the whole time I’ve had the car. The loud engine has been going on for months with no performance problems, but now I am just getting concerned. The engine noise started AFTER I took it in for an oil change, about 6 months ago (after not having an oil change for a long, long time). I am looking to get another oil change, but not if it makes the car even worse. Will not getting an oil change for a long long time, and then having an oil change cause engine problems? Or, to cause the engine to sound too loud, like it is revving?

I think the engine should purr, not roar.

This is a 2000 Infiniti i30.
And, how much would it cost to repair…

4 Responses to “Why does my car engine sound loud, like it’s revvinv up when driving?”

  1. furmanator1957 Says:

    sounds like an exhaust leak to me which could include the muffler

  2. 2cool4u Says:

    exhaust leak

  3. Nitish m Says:

    engine is old

  4. panther Says:

    You should have oil changes regularly, it’s the vital fluid for an engine and neglecting it will do you car no good at all.

    That said, your problem sounds like an exhaust leak (loud at both idle and on the move), exhausts wear out eventually so it’s nothing to worry about. Just change the exhaust and the problems sorted. I’d recommend changing it simply because if you only patch it, it may well go again in another spot. Much better to have a new stainless steel system that will last the life of the car. Little more expensive, but worth it.

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