Will your car unsurance ever pay for a blown engine?

car engine

Are there ANY circumstances under which your car insurance company will pay for blown engine or ****** short of an actual collision? I have full coverage.

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  1. PrettyEskimo Says:

    Yes, if you were to crash it into a tree.

  2. 808GSXr Says:

    Maybe if you could somehow convince them it was accident related damage… unlikely though

  3. Jay Says:

    I don’t think so. Unless you have the added engine blowers insurance. But that’s only offered in Taiwan

  4. John H Says:

    Well, if you hand grenade the engine, get oil on your tires, spin out and crash, totaling the thing, maybe the insurance company will not find out the engine was blown and pay for a replacement car.

  5. dodge man Says:

    no,we all wish they would though but they wont,there would be more people taking advantage of that one than you can imagine if they did pay for this,they would go broke in a very short time from people cheating them just to get a new engine and transmissions,they,ll never cover this stuff,good luck i hope this helps.

  6. doug h Says:

    if your car is stollen and they blow the motor or ****** maby.

  7. BitburgerPilsMan Says:

    That’s funny right there, I don’t care who y’are.

    No, they will not. What caused it to blow? Is the car warranty still valid? What model and year?

  8. jonathan Says:

    They will….. IF it was caused by driving through a flooded road causing hydrolock

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